Sheralyn (longtermplans) wrote in hd_ichallenge,

please join to view the entries

{comment here to affiliate with us}

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do you want to be affiliate with stock_icontest?
sure, I'll add you now =]
affiliate with that70s_contest?
okies, I'll put your link in now
foolishgames please?
sure, i'll add you now
yup, i'll add you now
hoticontests ?
if you want me to add you back, just let me know :)
yeah sure, sorry it took me so long to reply. i'll add you now, please add us back :)
Thanks! I'll add you right now, and don't worry ;)
affiliate with mcr_ichallenge?
of courseeeee ♥
I'm commenting to let you know the moderators of foolishgames have decided to clear the list of affiliates up We have deleted your community from our listfor one of the following reasons:
- inactivity
- not an icon community
- too different from foolishgames
of course you're free to do the same now.